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OroCommerce ist die flexibelste Open-Source B2B E-Commerce-Anwendung

OroCommerce German Edition 1.6.32

List of fixed issues and improvements

  • OroPlatform and OroCRM have been updated to 2.6.32 version
  • Improved Single Page Checkout performance
  • Fixed removal of one shopping list line item removes all line items with the same product
  • Added on-demand Guest Shopping Lists
  • Added filter product attribute options on the product catalog pages
  • Fixed customer user roles page in the backoffice always shows roles from all organizations
  • Fixed Translatable Contact Reasons
  • Fixed incorrect exception handling in PriceListProcessor
  • Improved Promotions checkout performance
  • Fixed "Totals" block uploads slower than user switches between shipping/payment methods
  • Fixed validation messages are duplicated on single page checkout
  • Fixed Customer User name changes if new Customer User name create during single page checkout
  • Fixed Guest/Shipping method is not match if "use billing address"=true
  • Fixed Mobile/Single page checkout/Billing & Shipping popups – not available elements in popup and Incorrect display of popups
  • Fixed Single Page Checkout – "Submit" button is not clickable if focus still in text area of input fields
  • Fixed Shipping rule is not applying correctly after switching to real address
  • Fixed Single page checkout/Shipping method is not match if active checkbox "use billing address" and choose shipping address

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